When the time comes for you to seek advise and guidance on an injury or pain that just won’t go away,  then getting the right care is important, time critical and can also be difficult to find. At Strong For Life the goal is to find out what the issues are and find a suitable solution with you.

At Strong for Life the concept is to discover how and if my skills and experience can improve your condition and quality of life. In discussion with you I will always outline my assessment process, findings, goals and preliminary time frames for treatment. If these are compatible with yours then we will achieve them together. if you have been suffering for over 3 months, It is referred to as a chronic condition. If you have recently suffered from an injury or incident (within 1 month) it is considered an acute condition, essentially receiving rehabilitative attention sooner is always better then later in both of these conditions.

Lower limb injures account for 45% of everyday injuries.


Treatment times for recovery depend greatly on the level of injury but the ideal scenario is one that permits a combination of natural healing and complimentary treatment encouraging it. I strongly believe in step by step non pharmaceutical recovery, provided your body is coping adequately by itself. Your bodies natural ability to heal is incredible and should never but underestimated but too often we neglect the things we need physically, mentally and nutritionally to help it to its full potential. Working together we will achieve the physical potential you have been striving for.

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