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Is one of the most common complaints in modern society with 80% of people suffering from it at some point in their lives. The prevalence of back pain whether in the upper or lower back is on the increase. The reason for this is very simple and easily preventable however certain attitudes need to be adjusted.

Movement and exercise are the best and most healthy way to minimise the potential to suffer from back pain but the idea of going to a gym can be a huge deterrent. Conversely going to see a medical practitioner to have your back ‘clicked’ into place can be equally as daunting/unappealing. Both can be considered effective but not the most suitable or productive in the long run. What is required is time (fortunately not much at all with Strong For Life) and the motivation to want to improve or protect your back and body from pain and weakness.

Relief from back pain can occur at any age.

Exercise as medicine has been found and continues to be found through ongoing research to be one of the most effective methods of stabilising ones metabolism, musculature and well being therefore positively effecting your overall health. Crucially musculoskeletal training can start at any age and should be actively encouraged for those over the age of 35 and should be compulsory for those over the age of 65 to significantly improve joint and bone integrity and protection. 

Another important factor is nutrition however at this time Strong For Life will provide fundamental advise and recommend a trained nutritionist if that is what you require.


At this point in time as Strong For Life grows day by day I am offering treatment in the form of various specialist exercises which will be undertaken with me initially for guidance and can then be learnt for implementation in your own home. I am also providing massage and strength training (in essence specialised personal training).


In the near future Strong For Life aims to have a facility with state of the art equipment designed to analyse, test and recommend the best course of exercise specifically for the Core Muscles ranging from the spinal muscles, abdominals, adductors and abductors amongst many others.  

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