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Is a one of the most amazing times in a woman (and a man’s) life for multiple reasons. One, is that nothing will ever be the same again but also the transformation occurring and adaptations taking place inside your amazing body only happen during this event. As a father of two wonderful children (AKA monsters) I have had the privilege of witnessing first hand how my wife got more and more beautiful as she grew bigger. She might have argued very differently at the time about how good she looked and felt but I believe that what women go through is simply incredible and my respect for women and their capabilities know very few limits.



With this very much in mind it is important to remember that your body is changing more rapidly then ever before and the expression known as ‘growing pains’ you may have heard in your youth just doesn’t come close to what you and your body is experiencing. Ensuring you protect your muscles and joints before, during and following pregnancy can make an enormous difference to your whole experience of pregnancy and recovery post partum. Strengthening your core muscles minus the abdominal’s (in late stage pregnancy) can contribute greatly to the prevention of lower back pain, control during birthing and recovery after the main event. Naturally if your pregnancy shows no complications ie bleeding, high blood pressure, then exercise is highly encouraged.

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I believe these photos show a very accurate representation of how much your body changes and how it is entirely possible to recover a body similar to what you once knew. Often women feel uncomfortable in themselves fundamentally because their bodies have changed so much but as is often the case rebuilding your physical strength has the same effect on your emotional strength and self confidence. In particular it is vital to regain strength in the pelvic floor to avoid and prevent amongst other things involuntary urinary leakage. Probably the most common ‘side’ effect post partum. This is however again preventable with simple exercises working the core muscles groups combined with the commonly known ‘Kegel exercises‘. Working the muscles of the core and whole body will speed up your route to looking and feeling great whilst maintaining enough strength to lift, carry and feed your always growing baby. 

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